Best animal rugs to inject your space with Seventies flair

Take a walk on the wild side

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Doing Goods/Oliver Bonas
Tania Leslau2 minutes ago

Animal print rugs have long captured the attention of interior enthusiasts. A staple Seventies furnishing, they act as a bold focal point in the home to exude camp decadence.

Animal skins are appreciated for their raw beauty. They have been used as adornments for centuries and, like fur garments, have a storied history. In Western society, animal hides have, for some considerable time, been considered exotic luxury items displayed in the homes of the wealthy and even royalty as a symbol of the homeowner’s affluence and well-travelled nature.

To a certain extent, this hasn’t changed. Celebrities still covet rugs with a flair for 70s mania. Elton John decked out his LA pad with a striking zebra print hide, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith followed suit while decorating their epic Calabasas home and Debbie Harry famously strung up a zebra print rug to use as the backdrop of her iconic zebra print shoot. Rihanna reportedly requests an animal print rug in her rider when she tours.

Yet, animal rugs are also highly functional. Their use as shelter coverings was first and foremost due to their durability and insulating properties. This makes them ideal for homes in colder climates, hence why they are such frequent decor choices for chalets in resorts around the world.

Naturally, real animal rugs have faced controversy due to ethical issues. But this was no problem for interior design teams, who shifted their focus from animal skins to animal prints. Brands such as Anthropologie and Oliver Bonas captured the allure of animal silhouettes while doing no harm to actual animals, stocking 2D animal print rugs inspired by Tibetan tiger rugs that are crafted from vegan fabrics.

Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli took it one step further, introducing animal rugs in the virtual world. The metaphysical space of the Cavalli Mansion is laden with leopard prints, from expansive rugs to cushions and deck chairs. High octane glamour but make it VR.

Joanna Lumley in 1972
Getty Images

We may have moved away from the days of Seventies icons such as Joanna Lumley and Kate Bush posing with real animal furs, but the mystique of animal rugs continues to captivate. 

So, pull up a chair and browse the best animal rugs to add a dazzling dose of retro to your home.

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Anthropologie Tufted Bengal Rug


Infuse your home with jungle fever. This beautiful Anthropologie rug showcases the sleek silhouette of a Bengal tiger surrounded by symmetrical palm leaves and a serene azure hue.

Buy now£98, Anthropologie

Oliver Bonas Luca Leopard Handwoven Green Wool & Cotton Rug

Oliver Bonas

Handwoven on a loom over four days, Oliver Bonas’s Luca rug is a vibrant statement to lift any blank space. An abstract leopard is peppered with geometric designs and surrounded by a charming apple-green backdrop.

Buy now£275, Oliver Bonas

Hyde & Hare Cowhide Rug

Hyde & Hare

Transform your living room with a sprinkling of chalet chic. A tricolour hide will add an organic feel to your shared space while providing a layer of natural insulation under your feet.

Buy now£285, Hyde & Hare

Urban Outfitters Leonore Gold Chenille Rug

Urban Outfitters

Spice up your space with a sassy leopard print rug. Urban Outfitter’s affordable Leonore rug is ideal for a touch of attitude.

Buy now£169, Urban Outfitters

Diane Von Furstenberg Climbing Leopard Rug

Diane Von Furstenberg

Luxury lovers will lean towards Diane Von Furstenberg's lavish designs. This animated leopard stealthily claws through a bed of lush emerald which has been hand-knotted from sumptuous silk.

Buy now£8149, The Rug Company

The Rug Company x Ken Fulk Surrealist Garden Rug

The Rug Company

Escape into the wonderful world of Ken Fulk. The designer has crafted an intricate centrepiece, portraying a rich tapestry of creatures from deer to flamingos and mythical hybrids.

Buy now£12285, Harrods

Anthropologie Octavia Leopard Rug


When paired with some mustard velvet chairs and rattan furniture, Anthropologie’s Octavia rug is a visual feast. A white leopard lies against a cornflower blue and ochre colourway boasting a handwoven print.

Buy now£1098, Anthropologie

Podevache Zebra Vinyl Floor Mat


If you’d love to tap into the animal hide trend but feel conflicted about the ethics, look no further. This zebra print rug is a realistic take on the animal version and made from 100 per cent recyclable PVC.

Buy now£139, Amara

Iris Apfel On Safari Sapphire Rug

Iris Apfel

Enjoy a safari from the comfort of your armchair with Iris Apfel’s eye-catching zebra print rug. Boasting exoticism and luxury in equal measure, the opulent piece is for maximalists, and maximalists alone.

Buy now£419, Ruggable

Doing Goods Mahee Majestic Tiger Rug

Doing Goods

Bring Noah’s Arc home with Doing Goods’ incredible array of animal print rugs. From magical tigers to colourbomb bears and more, there’s something for everyone who adores animals.

Buy now£175, Doing Goods

John Derian Mirrored Butterflies Sky Rug

Designers Guild

A whimsical offering, John Derian’s butterfly-clad rug is a stylish fit for contemporary interiors. Watch a kaleidoscope of butterflies flutter amidst the cloudy sky as you snuggle up on the sofa.

Buy now£2495, Designers Guild