Best wall clocks for the living room for pure timekeeping style

Time to enhance your living room style

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Newgate Clocks

There are a few staples every living room needs.

A comfy sofa to lounge on and a decent TV to keep you entertained on cosy nights in. Somewhere to put your drinks and snacks, be it a proper coffee table or a few side tables you can swap around when the mood takes you.

Good lighting is key in creating an ambience without the jarring glare the Big Light often brings. A good rug can bring interest as well as insulating warmth when the temperature drops. And as for your walls, a living room is the best place to put up the gallery wall or wide mirror you’ve always craved. For us, it’s also one of the best spots in the house to put up a clock. 

More than just a tool to tell the time, pick the right clock and you can bring an extra hit of character and personality to your interiors. For renters and cautious decorators, it’s the perfect way to inject colour and interest into your walls without painting them or marking them with endless nail blemishes. A light wall clock can be held up with a Command Strip hook or similar, for which you don’t even need your tool kit to install. 

Chances are, if you’re working from home, you’re keeping less of an eye on the clock than you did while toiling in the office. While you may not be counting down the minutes to clocking off anymore, a nice timepiece can be a decorative addition to make your WFH set-up feel a little more business-like.

Whether you’d like a statement clock to double up as a piece of wall art, or you’re looking for a practical design to stop time running away with you when you’re deep in your latest box set we’ve rounded up the best options below.

Best wall clocks at a glance

Across all price brackets and from established names to smaller players, find the best wall clocks to liven up your living room below.

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Newgate Clocks No. 5 Railway Quartz Square Wall Clock, 33.5cm, Black

Newgate Clocks

Best for: bold style

Bringing some edginess to a traditional wall clock is Newgate with a sharp square offering. From the bold markings to the contrast bright red hands, the statement piece looks as good on its own as it will be nestled beside your favourite framed prints. Sold with a two-year guarantee.

Buy now£55, John Lewis

Dunelm Pride & Joy Bobbin Wall Clock


Best for: minimal chic

Proving bobbin style in homewares and furniture is the creeping trend that's set to take over interiors in the coming year, Dunelm has this cute yet minimal deep profile wall clock to bring your wall to life. The simple design looks studded with pearls in the white version, although there is also an all-red option for those who want to splash some colour into their space. It runs on one AA battery and offers silent movement so you won't be driven to distraction when you're WFH.

Buy now£25, Dunelm

Auraglow LED Light Up USB Wall or Desk Word Clock - Copper


Best for: tech-lovers

No need to wonder where the hands are pointing with this clock: it spells it out clearly for you. The copper piece features cut-out letters at the front and lights behind the display, updating every five minutes. It can be installed on the wall or used as a desk clock with USB charging facilitated. The LED clock comes with a two-year guarantee.

Buy now£21.99, Amazon

John Lewis Marble Analogue Wall Clock, Green/Brass, 30cm

John Lewis

Best for: luxe feels

If you're after a more classic feel, it doesn't get more polished than a marble-faced clock. Finished with a simple brass-coloured dial and matching hour and minute hands, it's a design that will translate easy from living rooms to kitchens - especially if you have matching marble worktops. Comes wth a one-year guarantee.

Buy now£65, John Lewis

Karlsson 31.5cm Natural Cuckoo Birch Wood Wall Clock


Best for: an updated classic

Subverting the rustic cuckoo clock (origin: western Germany), Karlsson has reimagined the country house essential into a design fit for contemporary homes. The house is gone but the cuckoo remains at the 12 marker, there to chirrup the hour every hour. A playful detail to add to your nest.

Buy now£80, La Redoute

Jones Clocks Movie Retro Wall Clock

Jones Clocks

Best for: subtle style

This retro clock offers something different from a traditional round clock face, a small detail that promises to make a big impact. As well as orange it comes in a variety of other hues and had a back nail slot to allow for straightforward hanging. Runs on one AA battery.

Buy now£25.99, Amazon

Acctim Wall Clock - starburst


Best for: cosmic glamour

Make your clock the star attraction on your living room walls. This design by Acctim makes it so easy. Simple numbers sit behind the domed glass and it runs on quartz movement. There's also a chrome version if you prefer the look of silver to this golden hue.

Buy now£28.11, Wayfair

Vintage Playing Cards Vintage Letter Three City Clock

Best for: international players

Check the time in three of the world’s best cities in one frame with this contemporary quartz-movement clock that uses genuine vintage playing cards in the design. It’s freestanding, so you can rest it on your desk, slide it into a picture rail or hang on the wall as you like. Choose from four different designs: London - Tokyo - Sydney, London - Paris - Sydney, London - NYC - Tokyo, or London - NYC - Paris.

Comes with AA batteries.

Buy now£155, NOTHS

John Lewis Pendulum Metal Analogue Wall Clock, 50cm, Greige

John Lewis

Best for: nouveau granddaddy

A traditional wall clock given a refreshing modern twist, this pendulum design offers the best of both worlds. The neutral design means it will work in most spaces, be it on its own or arranged into a gallery wall. Comes with a one-year guarantee and a dark grey version is also available.

Buy now£40, John Lewis

Jones Clocks Fruit Clock

Jones Clocks

Best for: cheap and cheerful

When life gives you lemons... well, you know the drill. Bring sweet sunshine notes to your walls with Jones' fruit clock - there are orange and apple versions but we like this bright lemon yellow one best. The illustration offers a lovely focal point to gaze at when you're not checking the time, but that's easy to do too thanks to the clearly marked numbers on the large display.

Buy now£19.99, Amazon

Acctim 22522 Wickford Kids Wall Clock in White

Best for: child's play

If you’re trying to teach little ones to tell the time, say hello to the perfect clock. The friendly face of rainbow ombre digits are large and clear, while the inner circle helps them fine-tune their time-reading skills. It measures 20cm diameter.

Buy now£8.79, Amazon

Bramwell Brown Weather Clock

Best for: weather-watchers

Telling the time is a pleasure with this clock on your wall. It uses an internal barometer to gauge the weather outside and turns the display to tell you whether it’s rain or shine so you can dress appropriately for your lunchtime walks or after-work grocery run. Choose from four frame colours; as well as black there’s also copper, blue and grey.

This one measures 33cm in diameter but if you have the space, there’s a larger version measuring 53cm in diameter.

Check out the limited edition clocks for more whimsical takes on this special clock.

Buy now£415, Bramwell Brown


With its bold face and red metal hands, Newgate's station-inspired clock is our favourite of the bunch. It's easy to read and classic enough to slide into a range of interior designs, iconic but never overwhelming.

For those who prefer subtler looks, Dunelm's fun bobbin design has the right balance of quirk and function.