Standard cartoonist Christian Adams wins top award

Christian Adams was presented with his award by Suella Braverman
Robert Dex @RobDexES1 minute ago

Standard cartoonist Christian Adams has picked up a prestigious award for one of his satirical sketches.

The winning illustration showed beleaguered Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as a Ken doll and was published shortly after the hit Barbie film came out.

Adams, who was presented with the award for Cartoon of the Year by former Home Secretary Suella Braverman on Tuesday night, said the drawing had been “fun to do”.

He said: “Cartoonists love mixing two stories, usually politics with a cultural event.

“This was a gift too good to be true: A Prime Minister in trouble with the economy, and a massive movie that everyone was talking about.

“The cherry on the cake was the similarity of their names - Barbie and Rishi.”

Christian's award-winning cartoon
Christian Adams

His success at the Ellwood Atfield Political Cartoon of the Year Awards puts him in a long-standing tradition of political cartoonists at the Standard, most notably the legendary David Low.

The artist, who was known simply by his surname, won worldwide fame for his cartoons poking fun at Adolf Hitler and warning of the rise of the Nazis.

He was so successful his name featured in a book of prominent people to be immediately arrested if Hitler invaded Britain.