Deliveroo is releasing a Brussels sprout Christmas sandwich for 99p

Christmas sandwiches are generally tedious. At least this one is original, writes Josh Barrie
Sprout about it: the new sandwich doesn't need cheese

Finally, a Christmas sandwich with potential. We have before us one celebrating Brussels sprouts, Grinch-coloured and bold. Inside are sprouts prepared in various ways, stuffing, cheese, and the whole thing is to be dipped in gravy. Rest assured it’s no better than the rest — they are almost all over-seasoned, oversweet and hopeless — but it’s priced at just 99p, so there we have it.

Called the "sproutwich," it is the work of “Deliveroo Editions,” the delivery app’s internal food unit. There are innumerable brands within it. And so if you feel unaffected by the recent ruling by Judge Vivien Rose of the Supreme Court that said Deliveroo riders cannot be classed as “workers” and do not have the ability to form a union — which means there remains no representative acting on behalf of riders to negotiate improved pay, working hours, and holiday entitlement — then away you go: the sproutwich would make for an inoffensive and cost-effective lunch.  

It’s limited edition, on sale in London and a handful of other cities in Britain between December 6-8. It’s no Ynyshir tasting menu, available on Uber Eats over the same period, but it is £199.01 less, and so as regards value perhaps the two tally quite comfortably.

Evening Standard

There are six “sprout-infused ingredients” at play: a sprout focaccia, which is artisan, apparently; roasted sprout halves; fried sprout shavings; lemon and olive oil marinated sprout leaves; sprout-based stuffing; and a garlic and sprout mayonnaise.

Controversially, or perhaps not, the sandwich tastes quite a lot like Brussels sprouts, but please bear in mind there are also strips of maple-glazed bacon and an enormous wedge of Emmental cheese. These two latter elements take over. I must confess I don’t care for maple syrup — leave bacon alone! — so take that how you will, but there is absolutely no need for the cheese (we have certified banger The Holiday for that). Texturally? Fairly soft and a little claggy, but I don't mind that at all. And if you think there was a sprout-like perfume, you'd be right. Again, fine with me.

I almost forgot about the roast chicken gravy. It's a little like the stuff put out by KFC. A touch too salty, very gloopy, but fine. Just regular old gravy. Not as good as Bisto but not far off. 

It hasn’t escaped me: the fact pretty much none of this matters when the sandwich costs 99p, a bumper bargain whichever way you look at it, though with only 150 available, not many will get to take advantage. Vegans and communists might care but they’re busy changing the world. I suppose this is for those who aren’t.

The sproutwich is available via Deliveroo between December 6-8 in London, Glasgow, Manchester, and Bristol.