Anna van Praagh


Anna van Praagh is Chief Content Officer and a columnist at The Standard


Anna van Praagh is Chief Content Officer and a columnist at The Standard

Going Out

9 tips to make sure you're not a hideous bore at parties

Nobody wants to hear your tiresome work tales, so follow Anna van Praagh’s rules and you’ll be the life and soul

17 Nov 2023
<p>The Rooster Antiparos</p>

The Rooster Antiparos: the ultimate destination for healing?

The 16-villa resort is the ultimate rejuvenative island escape. Anna van Praagh checks in

30 Oct 2023
<p>Wes Streeting pictured for ES Magazine  </p>

Wes Streeting on homophobic abuse, Tory class prejudice and weak Rishi

If Labour needed a poster boy for Pride and a bright future, Wes Streeting would be the ideal candidate. Anna van Praagh meets the East End boy done good

28 Jun 2023
<p>Construction along the River Thames</p>

Why are we building all these ugly towers in London?

Our city boasts some of the finest architecture in the world, but we’re allowing it to become a bootleg Dubai-on-Thames, writes Anna van Praagh

23 Jun 2023

Why Thailand is the perfect setting for new The White Lotus

The hit show is heading to Thailand — and it’s easy to see why, says Anna van Praagh

27 Apr 2023

How to get a superstar smile

Dr Rhona Eskander is the go-to dentist for London’s chic set. Anna van Praagh gets the star treatment

27 Apr 2023
<p>Anna van Praagh</p>

My life is a 24/7 Armageddon alarm, I don’t need Government one

The Armageddon alarm is the last thing that Londoners need right now

19 Apr 2023